Virtual keyboard issues in ud 3.2.5?

Discussion in 'UltimateDroid' started by thejas, Apr 12, 2011.

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    I like to use virtual keyboards and have not had an issue but since i've tried 3.1.1 ud gb and now 3.2.5 ud gb i have an issue of swype, slide it, and shapewriter stop working when i reboot my phone. This is obviously an issue with any of these very similar keyboard apps. It only does this on a reboot and then i can go back in and set them to default. Please note that all of these programs are not installed simultaneously, only one at a time. I used them all to check if the issue was with the specific keyboard program or just something in the os. Since i have this same issue with all of the above programs, i'm going to assume it's something in GB. Anyone else having this issue?