Using Xoom as primary computer - what apps do I need?

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    Hello guys. I got a Xoom a while ago, and so far, it's been replacing almost everything I do on a computer. My handwriting reeks, so I have my productivity needs covered with QuickOffice. I love playing classic games, so I have all of yongzh's apps and I also have FPse for PlayStation. OnLive is coming to tablets to compensate for my modern PC gaming. I'm rooted and proud, so i can freely overclock (up to 1.6 Ghz, 1.7 is very unstable) with SetCPU, move files with File Expert (which has a root explorer built in), and extract 7z files with ArchiDroid. I can Skype, use FriendMe for Facebook, and go on Google Plus. Sketchbook HD is good enough for me for an art app.

    I need suggestions on what to get for my Xoom before selling my computer. I am a junior in high school starting in September and I have a long-term goal for a journalism career. I also love to play video and computer games. I plan on getting the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, as well, but is there anything else I need? App-wise and accessory-wise? Apps that are the same but better than the apps I have? Any suggestions are welcome.

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