User coming from ADW EX to LPP with a quick concern.

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    I posted this on the LPP forums, but figured I would post it here as well.

    Hello fellow LPP users!

    I recently switched to LPP from ADW EX (mainly to try the facebook/twitter widgets).

    I am enjoying the software so far, except that I am unable to use the widgets without my contacts being flooded with my facebook friends. I understand I can select only my phone contacts in the contact list, however I want something more permanent.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance.


    EDIT: Did a system restore, as I had problems with adw not uninstalling. Then only used LPP, and so far no problems with facebook friends popping up in contacts (crosses fingers)
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    If I am understanding this correctly. The steps I took for my contacts were...
    in contacts, select menu>Display options>Facebook and uncheck the all contacts option, and then click done.

    again not sure if this is the results you are looking for. As for the People Widget, you can create different labels for your contacts and you can select which group you would like displayed in the widget.