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    Well, I posted this over on DroidXForums but I didn't get a reply yet (think everyone is too excited over there LOL)...

    Here's the post:

    We have 3 lines on our account. Mine (Droid) is not eligible for an upgrade, but the other 2 lines are. Looks like my wife's line is one of those that is being given an early upgrade as she was not up for renewal until next year. Also, my daughter's line is eligibile for an upgrade and if I wait until August I can also get the NE2 upgrade.

    My daughter doesn't want to upgrade her line (she actually is fine with her BB Pearl). I want to give my Droid to my wife and get and DX for myself.

    If I go ahead and upgrade my wife's plan, can I just transfer the phone to my line (and give her the Droid) ? I thought I read somewhere that if you are one of the "special upgrade" candidates, the phone has to stay on the original line ?

    Also, does anyone know what the NE2 discount is (on top of the regular contract price) ?
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