Unable to transfer Phone Sync calendar from incredible 2 to new iphone

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    Hello fellow Droid users,

    I have a colleague at work who had a Droid Incredible 2 from Verizon and recently upgraded to an iPhone 5. Transferring most of the information went well. However, many of their personal calendar items (birthdays, anniversary, kids' appointments, etc.) were stored on the stock calendar app (Phone Sync). Attempting to use HTC's Sync Manager has failed, as the phone and pc won't recognize each other. I have tried this with multiple computers, checking computer firewall was off, ensuring USB debugging was enabled on the phone, and any other solution I could find through Google. Verizon tech support was no help, as was Apple support. This person is really desperate to have these appointments on their iPhone. The only email account on the phone is a company email account (MS Exchange), and they do not want their personal calendar appointments in that calendar (they want the work and personal calendars strictly separate). Is there any other way to transfer these personal calendar items from the incredible 2 to the iPhone?

    Thanks in advance,

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