Unable to boot to with Safestrap Disabled.

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    So a while back I loaded up a 2.0 version of Safestrap and have been running a ICS version of AOKP for some time now, with Safestrap enabled everything is fine.

    Problem is, I'm wanting to try some of the newer ROMs out there but they require 2.11 or higher of Safestrap, based on the instructions of How-To Safestrap (Updated for v3.04) « Hash-of-Codes I need to disable Safestrap, uninstall the old version and install the new version. The problem I'm running into is everytime I try and boot with Safestrap disabled it gets to the droid eye and bootloops, I've left is for 30 minutes or so thinking it was just taking a while to load... Nothing, so I forced a restart, tried it again, and that's where I'm at now. I've read not to have it plugged in while switching over, so I made sure to have it unplugged. I don't care about losing my current version of AOKP but I do need some suggestions on how to get back into my safe partition, last I remember leaving it was at a clean install with only root, busybox, and any other neccesscities installed alongside Safestrap.

    I'm okay with flashing back, or blowing out the phone entirely, while I'm rather familiar with the software side on the phone itself, I'm still a bit lost with RSD Lite and similar programs. I've already cleared my SD Card and Internal SD except for the Safestrap backups (Of the ROM, that is), so any suggestion as to the next step would be great! I'm really excited to try some of the Jellybean ROMs. :D

    If it helps anyone: the build number I'm using is aokp_maserati-userdebug 4.0.4 IMM761 eng.20120707.060600 test-keys || Mod Version: aokp_maserati_build-40, And as I've said, Safestrap version 2.00

    Edit: As for the backups mentioned, I think they're only backups for my current ROM not my original boot. If anyone has any ideas at this point, please share them! I'm really excited to use Safestrap 3.0!

    I was fearful to do it, but I jumped ship with no replies, seems disabling safestrap and doing a factory wipe fixed me right up! Gotta love safestrap.
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