Ultimate Customization On Rooted Galaxy S6 3Minit Framework

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    Xposed Framework has been around for Touchwiz Lollipop devices now for a few weeks, and developers are starting to release their modules. One of the modules that offers the most amount of customization happens to be the 3Minit Framework which is now available for the Rooted Galaxy S6. This is pretty much a one stop shop which eliminates the need to run a custom aosp rom if all you are looking for is the ability to customize your UI.

    Customization options include:

    -Over 1100 custom battery types
    -battery color options
    -5 different charge animations
    -battery size and text
    -clock customizations
    -custom power menu
    -system mods (long press mods)
    -hardware key remapping
    -and more...

    via XDA
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