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    I have no idea where this needs to go, but I would really like to know how to make one. I'm not sure if it is UI, theme, ROM, or what... IF you know, it would be appreciated if you explained :)
    There is something about a Kite UI on the XDA Forums that I would really like to make myself, no matter how hard it will be. First off, I am fifteen years old... I originally came from the Blackberry line-up. It was also the worst of all the Blackberries ever: The Blackberry Tour. While with this phone, I stumbled upon the act of theming with the theme studio. II made a few, but none were very stunning, mostly ugly. I had always wanted to learn to know how to make an app for it but that never happened either, because I could never find the help I needed.
    Anyways! All this was so that you would know my background. I would really like to go for ROM making, but I know that at least one person will say that doing something like that is WAY out of my league. If anyone can help me with my wants, needs, and predicaments, I would really appreciate the help.