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    I use this app all the time, like it a lot, but have noticed a few places where I think it could use improvement. I'm posting my list here to see if anyone knows of customization settings I might have missed. Also, I'm unaware of any Vlingo support forum where I could post this. If anyone does know of such a forum, please reply with the link and I will put this up there.

    1. The headset button on my Plantronics Voyager pro does not wake up my Droid 1 when the screen is locked. I wind up having to tap power, unlock screen, and repeat the headset button push. I can partially workaround this with the in-car mode, but see issue No. 2 below.

    2. In-car mode only works on my Droid 1 if I have that in the foreground on the phone. If I navigate away to any other app, the "hey Vlingo" wake-up command doesn't work.

    3. About half the time in standard bluetooth mode (i.e., not car dock), a headset button push brings up the speak-into screen, I say the contact name, and it then dumps back into whatever screen I was at before without ever bringing up the contact or dialing the call. But then when I push the headset button again it works the second time. I'm not a programmer but to me it seems like some task or routine isn't getting completed and that extra failed-dial is necessary to clear memory.

    4. I'd like to significantly shorten the delay between recognizing the contact and auto-dialing the call. In either standard headset or in-car mode, I get a delay of several seconds after it has correctly recognized the contact and brought up the number it intends to dial. I assume this delay is a design feature to let me opt out if it chooses the wrong contact, but in my case the recognition is accurate 99% of the time so there's no need to opt out. During this delay, the graphic on the screen is the number to be dialed with a button surrounded by a clockwise green progress animation. If I don't push that button, it will eventually autodial, AFTER the green animation completes one cycle around the button. I can't find any setting I can tweak to change that delay -- there is an "auto dial always" customization but no matter what I choose there, it doesn't change this behavior. Obviously I could just push the button to dial immediately but my goal is to use it hands-free.

    5. There is a customization option to have in-car mode start whenever a bluetooth device is connected. That's nice, but I can't really use it because I also use a bluetooth headset when I'm not in the car and in those situations in-car seems like overkill. But wouldn't it be possible to supply an option to have in-car mode start whenever the device detects it's in a car dock? I'm not a big fan of any of the various iterations of "car home" on the Droid 1 but if I have to have something car-specific come up when I put the phone in the magnetized dock, it might as well be Vlingo in-car mode.
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