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    so basically i have a 32gb class 2 card, just got a 16gb class 6 card. I simply plugged both cards into my pc, and transferred everything from thr 32 to the 16 (the 32 only had about 6gb worth of stuff on it). before doing this, i formatted the 16gb on my pc to fat32. so, after all the files have copied, i put the new card in the phone. its recognized. i see it in my browser and can see all the contents. I go the gallery and it takes for ever to load. it never loads. i let it sit for about 10 minutes. nothing. i try to go back, my screen goes black and i have to do a battery pull. i try again, this time i take a pic, i see the new pic in the lower corner, i click on it, the gallery comes up, but says there are no pics. i close the gallery and go back to the camera, frozen. another battery pull. any suggestions? i didnt have this problem when i went from the stock 16gb to the 32gb. everything went smooth.
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