[THEME] Slim UI Theme For Cm11 Theme Chooser

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    If you love a minimal look and feel to your device then the Slim UI might be right up your ally. The Slim theme is a Cyan and Orange theme with lots of the theme blacked out. This theme will only work with the Cyanogen Mod 11 Theme chooser. It will not work with custom launchers. This particular theme has also been optimized specifically for Cyanogen Mod 11 so this theme may not work or at least may not work as well with other roms. The theme includes many themed elements. In fact this is the main draw for Theme engine themes. The theme developer has access to the entire rom to theme everything unlike with custom launchers where the dev can only theme a small portion of the device.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Heavily themed elements include Quicksettings drawer, Notification drawer, settings, dialer, people, gui, cyanogen mod torch, dsp manager, camera, aosp keyboard, apollo music, messages, bluetooth transfer, and overall system fonts.

    Lightly themed elements include stock browser, instagram, whatsapp, gallery, gmail, google settings, and bild app.

    As you can see this theme is a value at $1.90. If a dark and minimal theme is your thing head to the source link for the download.

    Via Play Store
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