[THEME Release] [UPDATE 3-25-11] WP7 Revolution PORT

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    All credit goes to lucas.scott over at XDA for this WIP theme....ENJOY

    Orig link: [THEME] [UPDATE 3-25-11] WP7 Revolution PORT - xda-developers

    [THEME] [UPDATE 3-25-11] WP7 Revolution PORT
    *UPDATE!! Sorry foor the delay guys , but i wanted to make sure this thing was good to go that way i could shed the beta tag . Everything should be great now . But as always , flash at your own risk.

    I now have the blessing from trax26 to port this amazing work. Hats off to that guy. This theme is HUGE and he put in a lot of hours on it . Thanks to jspidah for an awesome base to work off of * Here is the original theme for the i9000: [THEME] [14/03 Update] WP7 v4.1 For Darky's v9.3 & Doc JS3/5/7 ★WP7 Revolution★ - xda-developers

    hey guys , dont know who is interested , but im working on porting this for myself and a few others:

    Version 1 :
    Official Release [EB01]: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11620804/Wp7...olutionV_1.zip

    Themed apps that i have working as of now ( Version3beta) :

    video player


    Version 1 :
    -- Signal bars & 3G icon colors have been toned down.
    -- Lockscreens are now all functional *used Jspidahs puzzle and epic icons,
    --Music controls now work on Epic,Puzzle,and Glass lockscreens. Rotary and AOSP not yet functional.
    --Custom dialer *Credit to Tyler1234567 (please find his other thread and hit the thanks button. He did an amazing job to give us that WP7 look .
    --WP7 UI sounds have been ported and included . More to come if people like them.
    --MMS no longer converts after 160+ chars *Credit to Gizmodroid
    --WP7 boot animation now included. My custom one will be done this weekend .
    --Various tweaks to improve stability.

    * As a tip , I like to got to the Spare Parts app and change windows and transition animations to "very slow" . Looks very smooth .

    Version .4 Beta :
    -- Fixed mms . it now sends and receives mms messages.
    -- Updated the settings app to include time options.
    --Gmail now themed
    -- Camera now themed
    --Contacts now themed
    -- Included WP7 Ringtones and Notifications

    im also working on my own custom boot animation.

    This has been tested on SC 2.9 / 2.9.1 and should not cause bricks/bootloops , but as always , flash at your own risk.

    Windows Phone Boot Animation (requested) - Credit to Trax26

    thanks guys , and im all ears
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    This theme would be awesome, but the homescreen isn't working, and neither is the keyboard.

    Sent from my SuperClean Fascinate.
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