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    Epic Blue brings blue tones to your device. This theme is only available for devices running a custom rom that includes the theme chooser. This will not work with launchers only. The great thing about theme chooser themes is that they theme pretty much every element of your rom. Epic blue themes Amazon appstore icon, ADW, ADW EX, Bluetooth, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, CWM Rom Manager icon, contacts, DSP manager, Flex T9 Keyboard, Framework, GMail, Google Talk, Stock Keyboard, LauncherPro, Google Play, Mobile Package Tracker, News and Weather, Package Installer, Pandora, Phone, Set CPU, Settings, Settings Profile Toggles, SuperUser, System UI, Tapatalk/Droidforums/XDA/Android.net/DroidXforums, Terminal, Torch, Trebuchet, Twitter, Voice Dialer, VoicSearch and Youtube. Epic Blue also comes with 28 icnos, Epic Green is also available.

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    Grab this theme from the Play Store for only $1.25

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