[THEME] BLU3 CHEEZ for JellyBean's ROM on Galaxy Note 2

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    I am normally the only guy that orders Blue Cheese Dressing for my salad and buffalo wings when I go out to eat with my friends and family. Most people don't like it and for those who do they will more than likely tell you that it was an acquired taste. You won't have to acquire a taste for the new "Blu3 Cheez" theme by developer "icedventimocha". The Blu3Cheez theme is built specifically for the Jelly Bean's Rom on the Verizon Galaxy Note 2! It is refreshing to see a theme built specifically for a particular rom. With the CM theme chooser you just don't see that much anymore. Theme devs normally try to make their theme available for as many people as possible. This means that folks who run a TW based rom just have to miss out. Blu3Cheez is the first theme i have seen in a while that is built specifically with these users in mind.

    The theme is pretty complete. System UI, Framework-res, Dialer, Contacts, Browser, Samsung MMS, Settings, Multiwindow, Calculator, Samsung Keyboard and more are themed here. The theme has some really unique effects. The background for settings, calculator, and other system apps gives the appearance of a sheet of metal with the text floating above. App icons and toggles glow blue and this Theme looks really sweet!

    Via Rootzwiki
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