the Hermit coming to Android

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    the Hermit coming to Android

    [​IMG]15. Nov, 2010 written by Devris Wijaya [​IMG]0 Comments
    A new 2 d jumper game titled Herman the hermit is coming to Android. It will launch first at samgsung Bada os on late December.Visual dream describe the features of the game as :

    • Bright and beautiful visuals!
    • Addictive gameplay!
    • A jumper game that is easy to play but still requires true skill to master!
    • Herman, a crazy and lovable character. With Chuck Norris like skills and the mindset of a mad man Herman jumps between rocks to bring the world back to life.
    • Endless and highscore based gameplay.
    • Unique powerups that help Herman jump even further.
    This game has an interesting concept with a Ninja like Hermit for the main character. This could potentially be the next big thing in android gaming (in casual category of course)If you want to follow the development of the game, visit the this blo

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