The Amazing Driver-Man Comic Book #01

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    Crazy Tilt Arcade Challenge, to celebrate 1000 downloads and not too many bad reviews...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ...the first comic book, of sorts, has been published. It's a parody with the Amazing Spider-Man and other comic book themes, as well as satire relating to real world characters. It's a "Real-time Allegory Internet-Novella" documenting adventures of our friendly neighborhood crazy internet crusader, the Amazing Driver-man (a programmer working on this Android MAME build). The story explains origins and purpose of this application, it's about dogma, censorship and propaganda, but you'll need to put your crazy glasses on to see the second story in-between the lines. The story is based on facts, any similarity with fictional events or characters is entirely coincidental...

    (open in new tab to see the image in full size)

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