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    Save The Birds is an extremely fantastic physics-based casual game!
    You need to do your best to help the birds deliver eggs to the new nests.
    Are you ready to challenge your brain and mind?
    Press Review:
    "The game is as difficult as a puzzle with various plants and animals acting as props. Branch blocks, squirrel teleports and spider magnets puzzle and impress you during this wonderful game." -
    “Save the Birds game is combination of logical and analytical thinking with the concept of physics which is very good and it is super fun to play this game. “
    Immerse yourself in this logical action game, using your skills and analytic thinking to deliver the eggs to their nests.
    Enjoy the realistic physics of the game and overcome various obstacles and challenges.
    Add “QUIT”button to log out.
    Add Package function; Tapping “Package” will unlock the second scene.
    Game Features:
    ★ Beautiful graphics, alternating day and night cycles, and moon phases according to the actual date!
    ★ Addictive gameplay, easy to learn, hard to master!
    ★ Cute, funny sounds and nice music!
    ★ Forest animals can either help you or present an obstacle!
    ★ 63 unique levels in three different environments! More coming soon!
    ★ 3x unique bonus level for each package!
    ★ Regular updates will bring new levels, game mechanics, and challenges!
    ★★★ What are you waiting for? Come and Save The Birds!!! ★★★

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