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    Back on November 19th I got my New Droid X and you can read below to gather info.

    For the record I got a reply from Storm8 Support and they say 'It looks like this is an operating system issue affecting your device. This causes our servers to have a difficult time matching your phone with your character, new or existing.' Well if that was the case, how come i can not log in on my Droid1 or on their site?

    Here is the problem I have been having with Storm8 Games for almost two months.

    Original Thread
    Some of my posts from original thread.
    Nov. 20

    I had a Droid, got a Droid X Yesterday.

    I redownloaded the games to the Droid X, but when I start them someone else's account is already logged on?

    And everytime I restart the game, someone else's account pops up???????????

    The games this happens to are World War, iMobsters, Zombies, Racing Live.

    Not to mention, when I try to sign in with my own account, it will not let me.

    Seriously WTF is going on?

    Nov. 21

    Yep, you can make a comment, but not when they are playing....

    I found that it changes the account every couple hours or so.

    I have played on several accounts, not touching anything, just making comments & depositing money, and i'm not the only one, every account I have been on the past 24hours has multiple 'WTF is going on?' replies from different users.

    Also the highest lvl I ran into was lvl12 on World War, lvl9 iMobsters, lvl8 Zombies.

    Nov. 23

    Well my account was hacked....

    when I turned on Racing Live on the Droid X, it actually let me sign in to retrieve my old account, so I did and everything was good.

    I decided to make sure it was actually saved on the phone, so I closed the game and then reopened it and then BAM my account was gone and replaced with yet another account.

    I go on to my OLD Droid to try and log in and it says "Your user name and password do not match those on record. Please try again.".... This really F'EN SUCKS....

    I emailed, maybe they can get my account for my games.

    Nov. 29

    Just got updated, they say it's not a hacking issue, and that the engineering team is working on a fix..



    Dec. 14

    It looks like this is an operating system issue affecting your device. This causes our servers to have a difficult time matching your phone with your character, new or existing.

    Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do until the manufacturers of the phone are able to address the issue, but we will do our best to maintain contact with the appropriate parties while they resolve the incompatibility.

    We do appreciate your patience, and make sure to keep us updated if you notice any changes.

    Storm8 Support Owl
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