Static DHCP (MAC Mapping to IpAddr via DHCP) Problem

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    Static DHCP (MAC Mapping to IpAddr via DHCP) Problem

    I have an ASUS RT-N16 running TomatoUSB. I use Static DHCP to assign IP Addrs to machines on my network (4 laptops, 1 desktop, Printer, iPod, HD Homerun, and 2 Droids). Works great except for the Droids. I've carefully transcribed the MAC addr & machine names of both Driods (Wifi interface) to my Static DHCP table, but both just seem to grab/get assigned whatever IP they want. I've tried changing the assigned IP around and rebooting the router and phones in various orders to no effect. Typically the addr the Droids will grab is the assigned addr +/- 1. E.g.: I assign one to, it picks up Anyone else running into this issue?

    Phone Specs:
    Motorola Droid/FRG83D/One rooted(mine), one not(wife's)
    Router Specs:
    ASUS RT-N16/TomatoUSB, Build 54 VPN, Kernel 2.6
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