SMS Sentinel Lite

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    Free in the Android Market for Android 2.2 and up!

    SMS Sentinel Lite is out! Break the Habit! Don't Text and Drive!

    • Auto-responds a chosen message when a text message is received while driving on GPS Mode
    • Silencing of SMS/MMS audible (ring) and tactile (vibration) notifications if you are driving. Phone calls not silenced.
    • Resume notifications after you have stopped for about 2 minutes.
    • Able to suspend for 10, 45 or 120 minutes at a time, or use manual mode, or GPS mode.

    * After installing the application, if possible, immediately launch it and complete the registration. ONCE THE REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE, YOU MUST REBOOT (OR POWER CYCLE) YOUR DEVICE FOR PROPER OPERATION OF SMS SENTINEL. If you do not register before you reboot or power cycle your device, it may cause SMS Sentinel to malfunction and you will have to reinstall it.