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    Hi everyone
    I just bought a mobile's android brand(manufacture)/DAPENG. Android 2.3 A8500+. it worked when the first time I bought. after I was using 2 batteries which the batteries were flat now after that I could not use any more. I tried to charging the phone the phone wont charging.yesterday I brought this phone to mobile repair shop and the problem was the charger not functioning properly. so he gave me an Iphone charger that was surprising me it's working for type of this phone(Android A8500+).i thought I could use the phone because I have fully charged phone but I was wrong.when I put the sim card on the screen has appeared sim card close. it can not be the phone unlocked because this phone when I bought was unlocked and was working. could anyone help me please what should I do? I did tried different way to put the sim card( it's dual sim card) but still is working. or do I have to require any code to unlocked the phone?? I dont think so:mad: PLEASE HELP ME to find the solution. Thanks anyone.
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