SD Card Secured bu Another Device/Same Device?

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    Yes..I did at one point in time enable encryption on sd card as well as entire device. I kept that for about a week or two and then unencrypted the whole thing because it was causing problems with my pictures.

    Bought a new 32GB SD card from Amazon, copied files from one sd card to the other using a pc.
    The phone never reported a problem with accessing the card.

    Several weeks go by and I notice I cannot upload pics to Facebook or ANY online service (Flikr) through the browser (stock, Dolphin). I can email the pictures, send them through Handcent, send them through the Flickr app, and view all files on any computer without a problem.
    I am also unable to upgrade to ICS because when I check for update it states "Check for update is unavailable". This goes on for weeks and weeks.

    Finally fed up with it, I removed the SD card, Reset my phone to factory stock, the update for ICS finally comes through, download, install, SD card back in...and the phone cannot access it. "Secured by another device".

    I took the sd card out of the phone, connected to a pc using a card reader, copied the data off onto the desktop, quick formatted the card (Fat32), moved the databack, phone still cannot read the card. "Secured by another device".

    Removed the card, connected to pc, Reformatted the long way, did NOT move anything back, put the card back in the phone, let the phone mount it, read that it was empty, connected the phone to the pc through a usb cable, moved the data back to the card, bam..."Secured by another device".
    The whole while the pc can read the card info just fine...
    Not sure what else to do here.

    So I just reformatted it again, and will copy paste folders over one at a time and see how that goes.
    So far the sd card is still readable by the phone, and Astro File Manager is able to see the card and browse through folders & files. Attempting to import bookmarks from a saved backup repeatedly fails.
    *le sigh*
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