Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Might get a Batman vs. Superman Edition [Rumor]

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    Do you folks remember the Iron Man edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which was launched last year? It looks like Samsung might be switching to DC this year. According to some insider intel, Samsung might release a special, limited edition Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Galaxy S7 Edge sometime in 2016.

    If it does come about we suspect it will be pricey and very limited edition just like the 1,000 units of the Iron Man Edition last year. Of course, we could be wrong about that. If Sammy has teamed up with the movie studios, then we might see this BvS version of the Galaxy S7 Edge launched at the same time as the movie. That could be a cross-promotional bonanza.

    The movie hits theaters on March 24th, which is shortly after the rumored launch of the Galaxy S7 series, so it is a possibility. What do you folks think? Would you pay extra for a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Galaxy S7 Edge?

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