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    I was in discussion with a few developers of music related apps out there already on the market and I discussed with them the idea of creating an app and/or mobile site for RYM (Welcome! - Rate Your Music). I am a very active user and not affiliated with the owner of the site outside of the site itself. I just think there is an immediate need for an app/mobile site for RYM and thought I'd recommend it and maybe find somebody interested. I certainly would use it on a daily basis! :)

    There are a few things in their feature/update section regarding that (not sure if anyone can read it if you are not a member, but I'll paste them here anyways)

    RYMzilla: iPhone app RYM - Rate Your Music

    I guess that this needs to be implemented before an app would be possible

    RYMzilla: RYM Webservice / API - Rate Your Music

    So again, just putting it out there for discussion on a forum, maybe an someone with the ability to put something together will poke around and come across this. I don't see why the owner would shun any sort of help in that department.

    Thanks in advance.
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