[ROOT] LG Lucid 2 OUDHS Root Method!

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    I have a feeling that you are going to start hearing a lot more about Dan Rosenberg. He has so many exploits and root methods floating around the web now that other developers are modifying them for their devices. Developer "K0nane" has developed the "Spirited Away" Root method for the LG Lucid 2. If you are familiar with the device then you know that LG introduced RCT or Root Checker Tool which prevents the execution of known root tools, and leaves logs if you run root tools. "Spirit Away cuts off RCT's head" according to the developer. This tool is a simple one click method for disabling the RCT and rooting your phone.

    Spirited Away will install ChainsDD's variant of Superuser, the su binary, and Busybox. You should only use this on Verizon variants of the phone. If you wish to retain root with this method you should not accept OTA updates since they will bring back the RCT. Head to the source link to grab the root package!

    Via androidforums.com
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