[ROM] MIUI is here for the Droid 4!

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    Miui has been one of the most popular Roms across multiple devices for quite sometime. Its great for anyone who came from an I*hone or anyone who likes the look and feel of I*s, but it is so much more than that with its endless theming and customization options it can be as much like android as you want or as much as I*S as you like. The Droid 4 has seen its share of popular Roms. Thanks to the work of Haschode and Dhacker we have seen Cm9, Cm10, and AOKP. New developer "GigaJake" decided he would get to work on his first rom. He decided that there is no reason an awesome device like the Droid4 shouldn't have MIUI so that is what he set out to accomplish. He now has a booting build!


    This is MIUIv4 Ice Cream Sandwich and is still a work in progress. This is in no way a daily driver yet.

    What works:

    -Data (3g)

    What's not working:

    -Wifi (if you attempt to turn it on it will hotboot the device)

    Customization options and MIUI apps should all be functioning. The Rom will be updated as soon as fixes are found.
    More info and Rom Download here.
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