[ROM] Jelly Haters Jelly Bean Moto for Droid RAZR!

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    Team Haters and lead developer "Sparkyman" are back at it! This time they bring Release Candidate 4 of their Jelly Haters Rom to your Droid Razr. No this is not an Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread rom as the name would imply ("Jelly Haters" those that hate jelly bean), rather it is Rom based on Jelly Bean! The rom is full of custom mods including Beats audio, launcher settings, Axiom toolobox, spare parts, options for overclocking, deodexed and zip aligned, full init.d support, Haters Theme (ICS and Black!), Lockscreen rotation, Reboot Options in Power menu, Toggles, 1% battery mod, AOSP lockscreen with Google Now target, Some inverted apps (blacked out), mms with popup ability, stock apps changed to the 4.2 variants, trickster mod app, and more!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It should be noted that this Rom is built specifically for the OG RAZR and RAZR MAXX only, and that it can only be flashed in safestrap 3.07. Also the developer indicates that you should reboot twice after the rom has been flashed (i am guessing this helps everything settle in, and it seems to be an important step to insure you have an enjoyable experience when you first boot the rom). There is more to come in the near future for this rom. You can expect a totally redone CPU settings with more options, the removal of spare parts and more!

    Grab the Rom and discuss here.
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