ROM ICSourcery for Galaxy Nexus updated to v2.0

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Mar 31, 2012.

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    With the release of 4.0.4 source for the Galaxy Nexus and other phones you can expect a whole new stream of development for these devices! ICSourcery is one of the first to get out an update to their rom. Their Rom has been totally reworked to include all of the features of AOKP. This is great because it adds even more customization options than the enormous amount that was already included with this Rom.

    The new settings are derived from AOKP Rom control. Some of the new features that come along with this are AOKP toggle style, webos style recents AOKP, nav bar on toggle and settings, nav buttons transparency, nav bar height and width, menus both sides large and small, status bar transparency, aokp signal styles. There is no longer a need to reboot when changing the soft keys in tools, Rootzboat wallpapers are included, superuser app by chainsdd, altimeter, and pressureNET, Searchlight, Magichat settings (tons of ICsourcery custom mods), side explorer, custom transition animations, custom bootanimations, custom fonts, custom kernels, apps manager, extra apps, push notifications, rom updates, softkey mods, pulldown mods, overclock settings, terminal emulator, wireless adb, and lots of other functionality.

    Grab this Rom and discuss!