Rocking Shortcuts, does everything with the volume rocker

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    Hello world,

    I'm proud to present you my new application : Rocking Shortcuts!

    It's an application that can launch 18 differents actions with the volume buttons also call volume "rocker" hence the name!

    There's 8 differents triggers that you can use on the volume buttons : one press, double press, triple press or hold the +/- key.

    You can launch one of your application, navigate to a web page, change the current music track to the next/previous one, take a photo, video or audio record or change various settings!

    You can do all that even when another application is running or when your screen is locked.

    You can have 5 differents configurations preset with differents action set to differents triggers! There's even an action to switch configuration one to another!

    It's a perfect tool for any spies out there! There's no other application in the market that can take a photo/video that fast and without anyone to notice!

    Try it here :

    Buy it here :

    M. Tournesol
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