Quirks/bugs of Sense apps/widgets?

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Incredible' started by mikhail, May 7, 2010.

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    May 7, 2010
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    I'd like to know if anyone else has either noticed or are experiencing the same type of quirks/bugs with some of the HTC sense apps/widgets.

    People list
    - Duplicated contacts: Contact list was duplicated both in the list and in my google account
    - Manual Facebook links: Had to manually link each contact with my facebook contacts. No way just to link all.
    - Constant updates: I get these numbers next to each contact as if something I assume has been updated to their info or facebook. The only way to get rid of the number is to manually go the contact and hit the refresh button. There's no way to just refresh all.
    - Poor performance: If I scroll down the list a ways, It takes about 3 seconds for information such as their FB status to load.

    Friends stream
    - Bad Widget View: There are a few issues I see with the widget
    1) It doesn't append posts. So if someone posts a like with a comment and there is also a description for the link, you end up with this long post. 2) url's don't show as links you can just click on.
    3) It doesn't show images that people have posted just a "wall photos" message
    4) No options to change view
    - No Horizontal Keyboard: If you want to update your status, you can only use the vertical keyboard.
    - No landscape mode period: Considering the long posts it likes to show, having a landscape mode would be better for viewing
    - Scrolling gets stuck: This seems to happen only in the friends stream but for some reason sometimes when I scroll it gets stuck and keeps on scrolling.
    - Items easily selected accidentally: Again this only seems to happen with the friendstream, but when trying to scroll through posts I find that items often get selected accidentally.

    Email App
    - Email icon: There's no way to clear the new message inicator on the message app icon. It's actually acts like a unopened message icon which isn't very helpful.
    - No yahoo folders: I have several folders in my yahoo account and the email app doesn't see them. So the whole "function" of the email app ends up being worthless.
    - No message resize: If you get an email such as a FB notification, the app doesn't resize the email to fit the screen. So you end up having to move it around so you can read the message.
    - Bad email widget: As with the friends stream widget, I see a few issues with the email widget:
    1) No way to have a list view
    2) Doesn't change views to newest email
    3) links in emails don't show up as links
    4) Same usless unopened email icon

    I know that this might seem like just a bi*** thread but that's it's intention. There are some things that just don't seem right and I'm actually wondering if there might be some issue with my phone and how the apps are installed or if that's just the way these apps are.