Quick App Maker Studio L - Free IDE for develop Cross-Platforms Gui databases applica

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    Quick App Maker Studio is new multi-platform IDE for creating applications for JVM.
    Gui designer suport drag and drop object into Forms.
    Supports databases access (SQLite for Now), SQL language, reports, multiforms and other.
    IDE contains a set of 60 icons and can be used in develop applications.
    Writing code is very simple. The wizard helps you enter your code.
    Quick App Maker Studio creates a single file. JAR (JVM).
    Jar extension you can easily convert to .EXE or .DMG extensions (jar2exe, Jar bundler...).

    Quick app maker studio

    -visit site and download your free version of Quick App Maker Studio.
    -video instructions are published on the website
    Photo gallery-ide screenshot Quick app maker studio

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