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    Anyone having problem using Gamecih on Zenonia 3??
    I've been using it for Zenonia 2 and Illusia and it worked just fine.

    But I've started playing Zenonia 3 a month ago, I was never able to use it..
    I got on hidden mode, typed in some value (i.e. money, stat points, etc),
    searched it, got numerous results, made some change to the value in the game,
    re-search, mostly got "0 found" or sometimes actually get the right associated value I was looking for, but that's it!

    Even though I find the right one, I cannot change it..
    I could change the value on Gamecih, but that won't do on the actual game.....

    I've tried it on the other games(Zenonia2 and Illusia) that I used to play with Gamecih,
    and they worked just fine..

    Why is Zenonia 3 the only one that Gamecih won't work on me:sad:??

    I know many ppl out there have no problem using Gamecih on Zenonia3,
    so I know the game itself is not something like "gamecih blocked"

    I've been using Gamecih app for my games almost a year now..
    So I know everything including going onto hidden mode and whatnot,
    so this is nothing about that I'm using it wrong!

    Please... I need help!!!! :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
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