Power drain???

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by fenriswolf039, May 29, 2010.

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    Ok, what's the deal here?

    Yesterday I'm out driving my truck all day making deliveries... and I was using the GPS Navigation, streaming Pandora and intermittently texting and taking calls.

    It all works, no complaint there. But as the day is progressing, I notice that the battery doesn't show full, it continually shows that it is recharging. So I check the percentage, and it's 80%.

    Then an hour or so later, I check it again. 60%

    Another hour, 40%.

    It's on the OEM car 12v charger the whole time, and the battery level is going DOWN. When I killed all the apps and unplugged it, the battery is almost dead!

    Is this normal? The OEM charger can't keep up with running 2 apps? I don't feel I was making any crazy demands on the device. I think it should remain fully charged at all times when plugged in no matter how many apps I'm running. Bluetooth and Wifi were turned off. Screen was on medium brightness.