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    Pizza Maker – Cooking Games is a brand new game for Android OS. This free educative game for boys and girls teaches the kids how to make pizza in the Kitchen, it practices their motor skills in Cooking Academy, and it works on their reflexes in the Supermarket. Pizza Maker- Cooking Games is now available on Google Play Store, and it’s completely free!


    How to play Pizza Maker - Cooking Games:
    * Download the game
    * Choose the building you want to visit (Kitchen, Supermarket, Cooking Academy)
    * Each building is a mini game that helps a player collect stars, 1 000 stars are needed to become a masterchef
    * After finishing each game, a player wins 1 to 5 stars
    * While playing, a player keeps all collected stars which help him to become a master chef
    * The Supermarket is the place where a player matches the same ingredients from the shopping list
    * The Cooking Academy is the place where ingredients are to be guessed as quickly as possible by connecting stars...

    Download for Free on Google Play:
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