Not receiving calls, Signal full?

Discussion in 'Droid Rooted Help' started by nagmier, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I'm running CyanogenMod 6.0 Stable on my Droid and I have been since it was released. I've only just recently started having this problem where I'm sitting at home my phone is on my desk then all the sudden my phone goes off telling me I have a voicemail, sometimes I'll get a missed call notification but most of the time I don't its like I never received the call it goes to VM and I get the VM notification nothing in my call log at all and my ringer is up!

    I've also been having problems when on a call the screen flicks on and off and my call gets muted making the person I'm talking to think it dropped and they hang up on me, I think thats a sensor problem.

    Bottom line is I think my phone has hardware issues and I haven't dropped it in well over 2-3 months not to mention its been in an innocase since I bought it. I'm looking for advice on anyway to fix this otherwise I'm going to try and get a replacement under warranty
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