Not easy to get turned on anymore

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    Strange things are happening to my Milestone.

    I left it to charge overnight, but in the morning it was still dead. Thought it may have been the charger (I have two spare batteries which I tried, so reasoned it probably wasn't them). I plugged the phone into my PC and left it for a few minutes. Still no response. I then tried the charger again and - HEY PRESTO! It worked :)

    ...But, the battery died again today and I'm having the exact same problem. I can eventually get turned on, but it's so long-winded and means I have to have a laptop to charge the phone.

    The light around the charging port initially only works when plugged into the PC. When charging from the mains the light only works when the cable is pushed halfway in - weird. Once the phone is charged a little from a PC, the light then also works properlly when plugged into the mains.

    ALSO - something that's happened at the same time - the ON / OFF button has stopped working!! I can only wake up the phone by opening the keyboard and then can't make it sleep again :(

    The phone is only a few months old, bought from ebay but I have no warranty info. I don't even live in a country that sells / services Motorola.

    Any ideas?
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