Noobie Question - I am not Tech Savvy plz help!

Discussion in 'Audio and Video' started by Cassie, Nov 10, 2009.

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    So, I am new to having such an awesome phone such as the Droid. I have had it for two days and have yet to use the phone, lol. Anyway, my husband bought me a couple of ringtones from Verizon. I noticed them on my notifier and that was it. Uh... Where did they go? :icon_eek: And how do I retrieve them, so I may select a ringtone? :motdroidhoriz:


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    Settings/Sounds & Display/Phone ringtone

    scroll down and search for the title of the downloaded ringtone. if they are not there which means it was downloaded to the sd card try the music app.

    I use my music or wav files stored on the sd card so i'm not sure of where the downloaded ringtones go i'm guessing the same place apps are stored (Not the SD card)

    hope this helps
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