Noise Cancellation Module??

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    So I have had my Droid razr maxx hd since release last year and recently started having problems with audio input. I noticed it first a couple weeks ago while recording a video with wind reduction setting on (very windy night). When I used playback, I noticed a ragged noise in the video, but thought nothing of it. Here I sit now, a few weeks after that, and nobody can hear me through phone calls. I have tried every type of troubleshooting available without taking the phone apart. I have tried hard/soft resets, checking for any blockage in the ports, and even complete re installation of the software through the 1.21 driver utility mattlgroff has created for us lucky droid users. NOTHING has solved my problem. I am positive my noise cancellation module has gone bad. Does anyone know where this device is located within the phone?

    P.S. Sorry for the wall of text, but I had to be specific.
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