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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by dwallbaum, Jul 13, 2011.

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    New to Android, so please forgive the newbie questions:

    1: On my Incredible 2, I saw this morning that my UP TIME was at 3 hrs. and change...I have not turned off the phone in a couple of days. Did something prompt a reset during the night?

    2: I had my I2 back to the reseller who saw that the prev. service person had suggested I install Antivirus. Her claim was that AV was not really necessary, and it slowed down the phone. However, my orig. sales guy sd. AV was pretty much required. I am not app-happy, so wondering which suggestion is more valid?

    3: I am getting "6250 VZWNMx" text messages that the service person was not familiar with. I have bypassed this issue by using Handcent but she had no info from Verizon about what this issue was or how to correct. She tried disabling premium text services on my Verizon acct which of course did nothing. It will be a little rough for folks in Haiti now to get my money, but as they had not yet gotten any of it anyway....