New [THEME] Linear JB for Jelly Bean Theme Engine!

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    If you are looking to give your phone a whole new look and feel the Linear theme by Theme Dev "Phaze08" is just what you need. The theme has been updated for Jelly Bean and will work with the Theme Chooser in CM10 style roms. Nothing is left untouched in this unique theme.

    Themed elements include: System UI, Framework, Phone, Contacts, MMS, Swype, Browser, Stock Keyboard, Playstore, and more. 99% of the original Linear theme has been preserved and the original images have been resized and reused where possible. Others have been redrawn to fit the linear style.

    The best part is that it is FREE. There is also a donate version that will receive updates more often, but the free version includes everything the donate version includes.

    Free Version via Play Link
    Donat Verison via Play Link

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