New Rumors Rain On Our SGS4 Parade; No CES, No MWC & No Unbreakable Display

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    The above is another artist's render concept and is unlikely to be the final device design.

    It looks like some new reverse-rumors have popped up to rain on our happy SGS4 parade. The new intel indicates a couple of things that we kind-of already surmised, but it also adds something else that is sad news. First, the next generation of the Galaxy S Series flagship will not be showing up at CES in January. Second, it will not be coming to MSC in February either. Both of these rumors are not in the least bit surprising, as we surmised that the Galaxy S IV will most likely get it's own launch event, which this rumor also suggests.

    The third bit is the sad part. Apparently, at least according to this rumor, the SGS4 will not be coming with an unbreakable flexible plastic OLED display. The unnamed source of this intel indicated that “flexible screens are still a while off.” :(

    Ah well, this is just a reverse rumor, so we really don't know which one will turn out to be true until we see the real deal officially unveiled. As always, we will keep you informed of any developments as they progress. Let's cross our fingers that this one is wrong.

    Source: BGR
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