New Features in Droid Digital Alarm Clock

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    Few new features have been added to Droid Alarm Clock application. Curiologix is committed to provide best in the market. New features are as follows:

    • “i” sign on the bottom left corner of the main screen. Touch on it will pop up a window with title “Contact us”, containing company main branch address, email address, phone number and website URL addresses. Touch on email will pop up a email text editor where you can compose email, touch on phone number will initiate a call, touch on URL will direct you to company website
    • Bell sign on the bottom right corner will appear in case of any active alarm
    • Showing date on the main screen just below the week days
    • Alarm creation with a beep sound and alarm notification will appear on status bar on the top
    • Flash light can enable/disable according to your choice. By default it is disabled
    Stay tune for upcoming builds... cheers!

    We will appreciate your feedback in form of comments for improvement of our application

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