New Droid Pro Update Adds Native Encryption to SD card AND Internal Memory

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    I have a Droid Pro I use for testing related to my work but I personally use a Droid 2 and my Wife has a Droid X.

    I noticed that the information for the new Droid Pro OTA indicates that it now supportsd native AES 256 bit encryption for both the internal memory and SD card.

    I know that aside from the physical differences (keyboard, screen size/resolution) the internal on the Droid Pro are very similiar to either the Droid 2 or the Droid X. It also runs the moto blur version of Android Froyo 2.2.1 and looks almost indentical with its screens and menus to either the Droid 2 or Droid X (aside from the Droid Pro's multiple home screen profiles) I THINK the Droid Pro has the same processor as the Droid 2 or Droid X though I think it may be clocked a little slower than either the Droid 2 or the Droid X. What are the chances that the native encryptoin routines and menu options from this Droid Pro OTA could be ported to either the Droid 2 or the Droid X (assuming a custom ROM of course)? I would REALLY love to see encryption come to those other platforms. This update seems to prove that Motorola has done it on Froyo (since the OTA is still Froyo 2.2.1 based) and thus Gingerbread or Honeycomb is not a requirement for the encryption. What do you all think about the odds of Motorola including the encryption updates in future OTA's for the Droid 2 or Droid X? Does anyone know if the Droid Pro has any extra hard based encryption chips that are just being enabled by this update that perhaps the other devices don't have or is this all being done via software (which means it should in theory be portable to other motorola blur devices with at least the same level of processing power)

    I am just now downloading the OTA now but if it would help any developers to save a copy of the OTA before I install it (and its automatically deleted) I am willing to try to extract it from the download cache before I load it (I would just need a little guidance on that) just to see if getting a copy of it in the right hands might help make encryptoin a reality for the other similiar Motoral Blur based phones
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