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    I know if you are on Tapatalk or the DXF app you can't see signatures so I thought I would post a thread that has links to write up's I have done for those of you who are in this position. Didn't know where to post this as there is no general forum that isn't specific to a phone model.

    Newb's resource thread

    Guide to rooting, backup's, and ROM flashing on Droid X

    Who is TBH?

    Need help installing TBH app?

    Was your phone stolen?

    Having issues with the market?

    How to get into recovery on Droid X2

    How to speed up X2

    How to SBF X2

    How to fix market issues

    How to unroot X2

    Guide for rooting, backup's, and ROM's for Droid 2

    Looking for Z4root? Here you go....

    Need to get the market back after losing it?

    Custom ROM's and why we want them

    Looking for Gingerbreak? Here you go....