Need original Facebook and twitter apps for D1

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    I'm hoping someone out there can point me to TiBU files for the ORIGINAL twitter and facebook apks for the D1. Unfortunately through a series of unfortunate choices, my TiBU files are now the "updates".

    I got the facebook and twitter updates on my d1 a few weeks back... I didn't notice that they were in the list of about 6 updates so I stupidly did an update all. Then I found that the facebook app launched a running service that was even more persistent than amazon mp3! Yes, another reason for me to despise facebook. So I found the apk's in /data/app and renamed them to .bak... but then in market, entries for these two pieces of crap persisted in the "uninstalled" category. I did a Ti Backup and then used TiBu to remove them. They STILL persisted in the market. Unfortunately I did a Ti restore and it *replaced* the originals... and they STILL persist in market. I'm not inclined to put them back but I can't figure out how to get them out of the market. To make it even more amusing, things such as amazon mp3 and these two crapware apps show up in the "my libraries" section of the market website. I never updated mp3 store and it's there too... funny thing about "my libraries"... it contains entries (saying they're installed) even when they are not. Whatever. I'm hoping that I can clean up the market by reverting to the original libraries for twitter and facebook.

    If this is in the wrong forum, by all means let me know...




    Ok... I give up.
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