need help rooting incredible

Discussion in 'Droid Incredible Hacks' started by hobby31, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Its a timing thing

    I tried on everycard I could find and I did notice its harder to do on the faster card.

    The 2gb you purchased is probly slower making it easier for you to time it.
    Its like them old video games where you have to time a jump or something if you dont time your 2 button presses just write it wont work. This is why people believe it doesn't work on faster cards, this isn't true. YOu just have to click sooner on the faster card.

    The more times you do it, you'll see what i mean. I get it just about everytime now that Im use to the timing of my card, but I did my friends on his class 6 card it took a few tries, his card is faster than the one that came free with my incredible. I had already popped my droid's 16 gb into my incredible for so I used the new empty one to partition for apps2sd. but I believe it was a class 4 card dont quote me. Its the one that ships free with the incredible when it was pre-ordered