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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by n1caboose, Feb 24, 2010.

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    About fifteen minutes ago I set up USB to transfer some of my music onto my phone. The transfer worked fine and I was able to play the music on my phone, but when I tried listening to the same music on my computer the files weren't able to be found. I checked the directory and the artist folders were all there except where there should have been .mp3's and album folders, there were ridiculous amounts of gibberish folders instead.

    Furthermore, upon checking the sizes of the gibberish folders, about 10 within my Red Hot Chili Peppers folder were about 3gb. Which is ridiculous. So in addition to corruption, the 3gb folder of music turned into 30gb of nothing.

    Only the artists I sent to my phone were corrupted. Even if I sent one album to my phone out of five albums I had from the artist, everything in the artist folder was still corrupted.

    This is a very weird problem, wanted to know if anyone else found anything like this. Any suggestions would be nice, I'd like to reverse the corruption if possible, although I made sure not to send too many artists just as a trial.

    Thanks a ton.
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