Mr.Android is missing... Let's Begin The Search

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    We always love having a little laugh at the end the day, and this quick chuckle is courtesy of Cricket and their misfortune. Apparently while transporting this precious Mr.Android costume, a gust of wind blew it out of its truck, and now these 6 year old kids are sitting outside in the snow waiting for their favorite mascot to return. This sadness is something Cricket wants to fix, so they are offering a cool $1,000 to whomever might return that costume to their stores. That means you would be returning a $4,500 suit for enough cash to buy 1.9 new Android phones.

    That sounds like quite the gamble cricket is taking, but I feel the world is nice enough to return something that’s not theirs, I mean if Droid does… then the world should do as well.

    Source (Mr. Android goes missing in Ohio! [BOLO] | Android Central)
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