Moto X Toolkit Allows You to Easily Set Up Your Moto X

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    Getting a new phone can be an incredible experience. It doesn't get much better than unboxing a shiny new phone and booting it up for the first time. The only drawback to a new phone is the fact that you have to set it up from scratch. If you are going to unlock the bootloader you have to do that. If you are going to root you have to scour the web for the method, then you have to go and find the recovery. Once all of this is accomplished you need to redownload and install all of your apps. Its too bad someone hasn't made a toolkit for that. The good news is that some one has! Developer "stillthisguy" has put together a toolkit for the Moto X that allows you to completely set up your device.

    Tookit Features:

    PC Driver Install
    Backup and Restore Apps
    Flash Bootanimations
    Flash CLogo
    Flash Recovery (if bootloader is unlocked)
    Flash Back To Stock
    Install PwnMyMoto Root
    Install RockMyMoto Root
    Install Apps
    Pull/Push Files
    Sideload zip files
    Capture Screenshot
    and More!

    Via XDA
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