MOD Free Up Space By Moving Dalvik Cache on Moto G

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    If you have an Android device with minimal memory like say perhaps a Moto G with only 16GB of storage you may quickly find that you are running out of space. There is actually 600mb of space tied down to a partition known as the /cache folder. The only issue with this is that apps use /data to store their cache which means that your /cache folder is just using up space for no reason.

    With a simple mod you can get that space back. There is a simple tutorial that you can follow by "Bert98" that allows you to link files in the dalvik cache to the /cache. This apparently only works if you are using traditional Dalvik and not ART since ART uses far more memory. You can complete this mod yourself or you can use a mod which automates the process. Head to the link below for the full instructions.

    Via XDA
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